Looksmart Alterations will provide all the support and training you will need to be a successful franchisee. You may be new to tailoring, or even new to business, but after going through our comprehensive Induction and Training Program, you'll feel like you've been doing it for years. Click here to apply for a franchise in Australia or New Zealand.

The Induction and Training Program is undertaken four weeks prior to your store opening, and covers:

  • Image and styling: understanding how to work with varying body shapes to achieve the perfect fit.
  • Business management, including administration and accounting.
  • Thorough overview of products and services.
  • Computer and Point of Sale system, simple enough for even the least tech-headed franchisee!
  • Customer care.
  • LookSmart Processes and Operations.
  • Marketing tips to give your business a head start over the competition.


It's As Simple As Pinning Up A Hem

You'll be amazed by how easy it is to own and operate a LookSmart franchise. You don't even need to know how to sew. In fact, all you really have to do is buy the store. After that, you can take care of as much or as little of the business as you like.

Just want to sit back and watch the profits roll in? Put your store under management. We'll help you find an experienced manager to take care of it all for you.

Don't know much about marketing and advertising? We'll look after your marketing campaigns, and give you quality advertising material to boost your sales.

Or maybe you're an old hand in business. In that case, roll up your sleeves and take care of it all yourself. The choice is yours.

Whatever you choose, you'll get comprehensive training on everything you need to make your franchise a success: business systems, customer service, recruitment, marketing and financial management. Advice is available on locating your store and fitting it out, and our head office is always there, waiting to answer any questions you might have.


Cutting Edge Technology

Fabric isn't the only thing we cut at LookSmart. We employ the latest business software and technology to streamline operations and cut costs as well.

Point of Sale System Our point of sale system makes the most of your work time by continuously analysing your business - letting you know where you can reduce costs and increase your profits.

All individual LookSmart branches have their point of sale system linked to head office. This completely simplifies reporting, and allows for national reports to be continually updated. By comparing your results on key performance indicators with those of other LookSmart branches, you can find the easiest and best ways to improve your sales and profitability.

Intranet and Internet All LookSmart franchisees are linked to our Intranet using a safe, fast, VPN Internet connection. All your staff enjoy a free email address, and franchisees can join chat forums with other franchisees to share business tips. You also have the convenience of being able to access your point of sale system from anywhere in the world.