Style Advice and Clothing Care Tips

Find out what suits your body shape and learn about your body type with our style advice. Learn how to make your clothes last longer with our clothing care tips. Ask our in-store tailors for style advice and tips when you visit Looksmart.
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Body Shapes

There are six different categories of women's body shapes and numerous variations. By understanding which body shape you are, you can make sure you look the best and have the perfect fit and style every time.
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Body Types

There are three different categories of body types; Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. To help you understand, select the perfect style and fit for your body type, read Looksmart Alterations' body types tips.
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Clothing Care

Looksmart Clothing Care Tips to help you care for all your garments including delicate fabrics like silk, wool, suede and leather to ensure they last longer and look the best for years to come.
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Stain Removal

Looksmart shares the best ways to remove stubborn stains which include blood, ink, wine, lipstick and much more. We have also included tips to remove bubble gum from your garments.
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