Body Shapes

There are six different categories of women's body shapes and numerous variations. By understanding which body shape you are, you can make sure you look the best and have the perfect fit and style every time. You still need to be aware that sizing all over the world is based on differing sizing standards, in order to maximise mass market appeal. So while fashion stores must manufacture for the masses, LookSmart will always customise for the customer! LookSmart knows how to enhance your assets!
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DIAMOND BODY SHAPE (also referred to as an apple shape)

The Diamond body shape has a full midsection starting from under the bust line which means your waist is undefined. The hips are wider than the bust and shoulders and the upper legs are usually bigger than the lower legs. If you have this body type you will usually gain weight around your midsection which includes your stomach, hips, buttocks and usually the upper legs sections.

Women with this body shape should wear dresses or tops which draw the attention away from the midsection of the body to give a slimmer illusion. Tops that are tight around the bust and flows out a little under the bust line to hide the stomach are great. It is also effective to wear dark colours with simple clean lines. Look for clothes that will balance your shoulders and bust with your hips while creating a waist. Avoid ruffles and tiers as they will only add weight to your body shape.

Shoulder pads can also be inserted to create more shape taking attention away from the stomach area. Slight tapering toward the hemline can draw attention away from the upper legs to the lower half of the legs which are more defined. Let out waistlines for dresses to create a lengthen torso.


Rectangle Body Shape

The Rectangle body shape is characterized by an undefined waistline, small bust, the hips and shoulders are balanced, thin arms and legs. Regardless of whether the size is thin or large - the waistline is not obvious in this body shape and it appears to be in line with the top half of the body and the hips. the outline of this body shape will appear to have little to no curves.

To create a waistline, women with this shape could wear wrap dresses or tops with diagonal lines. Diagonal lines are very flattering on the top part of this figure and can be achieved with colour or even the design of the garment. Wear tailored waist tops to emphasize the waist.

Avoid tight fitted clothing as this will only emphasis the lack of curves. Keep away from flared and baggy pants as it will make your shape unbalanced. Visit Looksmart to tTake in waistline of shirts and jackets if the area is too lose.

Shoulder pads can also be inserted to create more shape. Visit LookSmart Alterations to take in waistlines, restyle necklines, taper pants, insert shoulder pads and much more.


Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass body shape is when the hips and bust are around the same size and the waist is 9" to 13" smaller. The Hourglass figure is considered to be the easiest to dress as the body is balanced, with the top and bottom half of the body in proportion to one another. A person with this body shape will have a well defined waist making your body look curvy. This body shape is the most popular shape which most women strive for since the days of Marilyn Monroe.

If any one can buy clothes of the rack it is this group as most clothes are made to fit this shape. To accentuate your curves wear tailor fitted garments. Belted tops and dresses will further define your waist. Also look for garments with a scooped or V neck and tops that sit at the waist. It is important that you do keep your upper and lower body balanced. Avoid wearing loose fitting or over sized clothes to hide your curves or you will end up looking bulky.

For clothes which aren't made to fit you perfectly, head to Looksmart Alterations where simple alterations can be done within the hour or same day.


Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The Inverted Triangle body shape is broad shoulders or a full bust. Most of the weight is above the waist with a narrow hip and legs. The body frame tends to have an athletic look. Weight gain is usually in the stomach and upper body area and the waist is not very defined.

To draw attention to the bottom half of the figure and create the illusion of an hourglass shape women with this figure could wear plain and dark colours on top and be creative on the bottom half to draw attention on the slimmer part of their figure. You can also wear flared dresses and skirts to create the hourglass illusion. Wearing a V-neckline will help slim the bust. Wear flowing fabrics like chiffon which will help create curves. Look for clothes that will give the illusion of a bigger hip to balance the body. Avoid wearing any clothing which has shoulder pads as that will just make you more top heavy.

Take your jackets and shirts to LookSmart tailors to take in the sides around the waist area for a better fit. You can also take in & let out the waist area of your pants, skirts and dresses.


Triangle Body Shape

The Triangle body shape, also referred to as the pear shape, is the most common shape among women. The triangle shape is characterized by narrow shoulders, often with a small bust, the hips and bottom are larger than the waist and bust giving you a well defined waist and the legs are usually full and short.

Triangle figures can look good in tops with extra detail, fabric or weighting in the shoulder area as this makes the top half of the body appear wider. Shoulder pads can broaden the shoulders (don't go overboard as it may end up giving a bulky result - visit Looksmart and talk to one of our tailors about choosing the right thickness of shoulder pads to insert. Women with this shape should keep the bottom portion of the body in clean lines and plain dark colours. Have a focal point or accessories on the upper body close to the face. This will draw attention away from the lower part of the body and create a more balanced look.

Avoid clothes that add to your hips making them appear bulky. Stay away from garments with lots of details or patterns around the hip and thigh area. Don't wear shapeless tops or stiff fabric, skinny jeans or pants, pencil skirts and baggy garments.


Oval Body Shape

The Oval Body shape is also commonly referred to as the Apple and Diamond shape, the only difference is the stomach is at a lower position than the diamond shape which is located higher. It's characterized by a fuller figure and carries weight all over with a rounded appearance.

Women with this body shape could create a slimmer line by wearing garments with vertical and diagonal lines, either in colour or style. A block colour all over will help elongate the figure therefore appearing slimmer. Light weight fabric is recommended for this body type as thicker fabrics or textures just add bulk. Shirts and jackets which flow past the hip line also works well with this figure. Try wearing jewelery to bring attention to the face or wear V necks to elongate the body.

Avoid horizontal and small patterns as they will only give the illusion of more weight. Do not wear fitted clothes as it will only empasise your oval shape.

For more information refer to the Diamond Shape description in the top section of this page.