Clothing Care Tips

See below for Looksmart Clothing Care Tips to help you care for all your garments so they last longer and look their best. Please ensure you read and follow the care instructions on your garment label before trying the tips below.
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Clothing care tips


Make your garments last longer by:

• Blind Hem and Tape your garments at LookSmart Alterations.

• Hand washing, dry clean or gentle machine wash (do not forget to check garment care label and follow instructions carefully).

• Immediately remove stains, lint, repair small tears etc. before washing.

• Ensure you do not use a bleach detergent and do not use more than needed.

• Turn garments inside out before washing. Avoid eExcessive washing as it will wear out the garment sooner.

• Sort your laundry; dark clothes should be washed separately to light colours.

• Always place undergarments in a cloth bag to avoid stretching and tears.

wardrobe care

Wardrobe Care

Below are a few tips on how to care for garments within your wardrobe.

• Over crowding your wardrobe will cause garments to wrinkle, therefore taking more of your time when you have to iron the garments again.

• Clean your wardrobe regularly and rotate garments to avoid moth holes.

• To avoid garments stretching out of shape, always hang garments on high quality wooden and padded hangers not metal wire hangers (talk to LookSmart Alterations about our quality hangers - complimentary gift for formal and bridal alterations at any of our branches*). *While stocks last.

• Store away off season clothes into garment boxes or spare wardrobe if you have run out of space.

• Recycle (Clothing bins like St. Vincent de Paul) any old garments you no longer wear as it will just take up space and also produce mould.

Ironing tips

Iron Like a Professional

Ensure you are using the correct heat for your garment fabric - ironing instructions can be found on your garment care label.

• Use a press cloth for delicate fabrics.

• Keep iron moving constantly to avoid scorching.

• Do not iron stains as it will set from the heat.

• Keep iron board pad clean Keep a spray bottle full of water for big wrinkles Use tip of iron to work around buttons and sleeves.

• Keep iron clean by using an iron cleaner (can be found in supermarkets).

• Empty water from iron once ironing is completed. Always keep water the compartment clean.

moth holes

Moth Holes

To avoid moth holes in your garments, follow the tips below;

• Rotate your clothes regularly.

• Vacuum and clean your wardrobe regularly. You can also use moth repellents.

• Cedar wood is also effective as moths are repelled by the oil from the wood - try buying cedar hangers. If you can't find cedar hangers try using moth balls.

• Ensure garments are clean as moths are attracted to food stains, perfume moisture etc...

If you are unfortunate and already have moth holes in your garments, no need to discard just take your garment to LookSmart Alterations and we will help you with your invisible mending.

silk care

Silk Care

This fabric is extremely delicate and should only be dry-cleaned by a professional. Some silk garments can be hand washed - ensure you read the care label carefully if you decide to clean the garment yourself.

• Rinse in cold water and dry in shade.

• Use low to medium heat setting when pressing.

• To remove water spots - let spots dry then use a small section of garment to rub the water spots away.

• Sunlight and perspiration weakens the silk fiber.

• For expert advice consult a Looksmart Alterations branch near you.

leather care

Leather Care

Leather is difficult to care for and should only be cleaned by a professional who specializes in leather. Normal dry cleaning will damage the garment and make the leather crack.

• Ensure you store garment in a ventilated, cool area. Mold forms on leather if storage is damp/humid.

• Air dry leather garment if wet eg. Rain water - finish with leather conditioner.

• You can buy leather sprays for faded areas - for best results, use a professional.

• Use padded or wooden hangers and do not store in plastic bags.

• Avoid getting oil stains as they will permanently stain the leather.

• Use a protective spray to avoid weather damage.

• Keep in mind when purchasing leather garments; the leather will shrink and colour will fade when you clean the garment, even if you take it to a professional (it is highly recommended you do take garment to professionals for cleaning to avoid damage to the leather).

suede care

Suede Care

Suede garments are delicate and difficult to care for. Suede garments will last a long time if cared for properly. Use these tips to help care for your clothes.

• Always use a professional for cleaning.

• Use a stain repellant to protect against food and water stains.

• Store in cool, well ventilated area.

• Do not store in plastic bag.

• Use a suede garment brush to avoid water marks (brush once garment is dry).

wool care

Wool Care

It's not difficult to care for wool garments, just follow garment care label instructions and the tips below;

• Wash garment regularly as wool soaks up odors.

• Wash in cold water to avoid shrinking.

• Flat dry to avoid stretching.

• Brush and air garment after wearing garment brush and air. Hang for 24hrs to get rid of wrinkles and give the garment time to gain it's shape back.

• Reverse garment when ironing - ensure you use steam without touching the garment with the iron.

• Do not wring garment as it will stretch out of shape

Tips Disclaimer: If for any unfortunate reason your garment is damaged in the process of following our clothing care or stain removal tips Looksmart does not accept any responsibility for the damages. If you are not sure whether to try the tips on your garments, contact one of our branches for more information.