Body Types

There are three different categories of body types; Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. There are even more variations of these body types! e.g. short figures. By understanding how best to work with your body type, you can make your shopping experience and purchase decisions with far more understanding and less frustration. Even then, you need to be aware that sizing all over the world is based on differing sizing standards, in order to maximize mass market appeal. So while fashion must manufacture for the masses, LookSmart will always customize for the customer! LookSmart knows how to enhance your assets! However it is also important that you also have an awareness of this, whilst you're shopping. Team up your newly found knowledge with your own sense of style, clothing preferences and personality - and you will look and feel like a million dollars. Learn about your body type now, and think about how you can work with what you've already got to create a fresh new look that suits you!
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ectomorph body type


Ectomorphs are tall, thin and may have trouble gaining weight. The hips, waist and shoulders are approximately the same width. Most people who have a Rectangle body shape fall under this body type. You should look for garments which give you a little more bulk and still give you shape.

Finding pants that fit perfectly in length can be an issue as most pants off the rack will be too short for this body type. Another issue is the sleeves of shirts and jackets being too short. You will have to shop around for shops catering especially for people who are tall to obtain the correct lengths of your garments. Keep in mind when shopping; it is better to have your pant hems fall past your ankle and the sleeves of your shirt or jackets stopping at the wrist. Visit one of Looksmart Alterations locations for all your garment lengthening.

Avoid narrow pants, leggings, skinny leg trousers and any tight fitting clothes as they will only make you look thinner. Do not wear all black or dark colours as it will emphasize your frame. Head to Looksmart to insert shoulder pads in your suit jackets as it will enhance your shoulders and make them look wider.

endomorph body type


The Endomorph body type has a large amount of fat accumulation and carries most of the weight around the stomach area with thick arms and legs. This body type is short in height and has little muscle definition and the hips are wider than the shoulders. People with this body type find it hard to lose weight. Most people who have an Oval, Rectangle or Triangle body shape fall under this category.

To draw away attention from the stomach, wear garments with vertical lines. Wearing garments in dark colours (navy, black, dark grey etc.) can also make you look slimmer. Most men and women with this body shape make the mistake of wearing pants which waistline is too small and therefore hangs under the stomach - it's best for the waistline to sit around your waist. Stick to simple styles, colours and tailored to your body outfits.

Avoid tight fitting garments as it will only emphasize the weight. Stay away from horizontal patterns and bold colours. Avoid pockets and belts as they will only make you look bulky.

For clothes which aren't made to fit you perfectly, head to LookSmart where simple alterations which can be done within the hour.

mesmomorph body type


The Mesmomorph body type is naturally muscular with broad shoulders wider than the hips and muscular arms and legs. This athletic type is what most men and women set out to be as the body is proportional. Most people who have an Rectangle or Hourglass body shape fall under this category. A female mesomorph is usually a hourglass shape and the male is usually an inverted triangle or Rectangle.

Unfortunately being built doesn't make up for bad dress sense. You may be fooled thinking tight clothing will show off your muscles but it will only make you uncomfortable and restrain movement. Wear well fitted garments that allow you room for movement. People with this body shape will also have trouble finding pants that fit well around the thigh area due to the muscle bulk, it's best to shop around until you find one that fits perfectly or visit Looksmart Alterations where we can let out the thigh area on most garments. Choose garments that are dark in colour and tones.

Avoid horizontal patterns. Stay away from shoulder pads as the mesomorph shoulders are already well defined. Do not wear baggy clothes as it will only make you look bulky.

short and petite body type


To help create the illusion of being tall, wear garment with the same colour shades. Wear pants with hems that fall past your ankle to make your legs look longer. Short figures have the same issues as Ectomorphs but in reverse - garments off the rack are most likely to be too long in length. Visit LookSmart Alterations for all your pants, jeans, suits, shirts, jackets and dress shortening.

Try and shop from brands that specialize in petite sizes like Basque, Gap, Jigsaw and Veronika Maine. If you do prefer to purchase from brands which do not stock petite sizes you can visit one of our stores to take in and shorten any garment item. Wear V necklines to elongate your neck. Stick to dark monochromatic colours to add height. Ensure you tuck in long shirts and wear high waist bottoms. Dresses and skirt hemlines need to sit above the knee and jacket hemlines should sit at the hip.

Avoid horizontal and small patterns as they will only give the illusion of more weight. Stay away from long and double breasted coats. Women should also avoid maxi dresses as it will only make you look shorter, unless wearing heels. Avoid pants that bunch up around the ankles. Avoid big belts and stiff, bulky fabrics.